Frequently Asked Questions

First of all check if you have the latest version of the app. There are 2 releases, a private and public one. Check which name your app have on your watch. Click the links below on your phone that is connected to your Fitbit. When the website loads click on "Open app"
Public (Golf GPS Rangefinder)
Private (GOLF GPS)

Please stand outside with a clear view of the sky. The very first GPS fix can take minutes since Fitbit has to know where it is in order to know which satellites to check for. more tips on

All devices, especially the Ionic

Many users report that reinstalling the app solved the issue. Other users report that Factory reset the watch and remove it from your Fitbit account works.

Versa 1, Versa Lite and Versa 2

These devices don't have an inbuilt GPS and therefore a constant connection with the phone must be present. You will actually get the distances from your phone to the green instead of your wrist. Keep your phone near or in your pocket.If you walk away too far from your phone, the GPS update stops.

Make sure the Fitbit app on your phone configured with these settings:
  • Allow Always access to location
  • Allow to run in background
  • No battery optimization is performed on the Fitbit app as it can kill the app processes.

When the app starts it tries to contact my server. If this succeeds then the WWW turns green. For a working internet connection you need to have a stable Bluetooth connection to your phone and that phone needs access to the internet.
The phone connection is often closed by the phone to reduce battery impact. So when your app starts, open the Fitbit app on your phone. In that way the phone app us running and can receive commands from the watch and it can access my server

Things to check
  • Allow the Fitbit watch app to access internet
  • Allow the Fitbit app to run in background on your phone
  • Allow the Fitbit app to access mobile data
  • No battery optimization is performed on the Fitbit app as it can kill the app processes.

The app used to be free until september 2020. So If you used the app fore that, you actually didn't pay. If you open the app and there is a screen showing a 6 digit you can do the following:

Fitbit does not have a native payment method and therefore I have use a Third Party payment provider. After reinstalling the app, we cannot know if you already paid or not and therefore you have to manually unlock the app.

The Fitbit phone connection has always been buggy. I hope Fitbit will improve this. Restarting the watch might work. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your phone.

Make sure the settings look like this on your phone

First of all, check if your course exist at If it really does not exists, please fill in the form below. Please specify the Name of the course, the address, number of holes.

If there is a phone connection and gps fix. The courses should be found within 10 seconds. Otherwise, restart the app. If the problems persists, check your internet connection or reinstall the app.

if your course isn't in the 5 courses listed then it is too far away. It app downloads the 5 nearest courses that within a 20km/15mi radius

The app uploads your scores and shots inmediately after entering them. The files are sent to the phone and then uploaded to my database. If there is no phone connection, the files will be sent when the phone connection is restored. If there is no internet, I try to upload them again on each new shot/score or when the app starts.

Also, when you reinstalled the app, the scores are uploaded under a new user account. You can merge these accounts by emailing me trough the form under the FAQ "Other"

if your question was not listed, send us an email. Mails with questions that are in this FAQ may not be replied.